Welcome to Kiteboarding in Milwaukee

We hope you find this site a great resource for kiters of all abilities! Whether you are into kiteboarding, kitesurfing, landboarding, snowkiting, or whatever with a kite to move you around, you are welcome here. Your comments and suggestions will help make this a great site. Just contact us here or send us an email directly to or call 414-520-1493.  Thanks & enjoy!

Air & Water Show Weekend SSYC

A great option for lighter wind days, high speeds when the wind picks up, and gobs of upwind ability.

We will make you a good offer on your old gear. It doesn't matter how beat up, abused, torn, or ugly it is. The worse the better. We actually want all unsafe or questionable gear off our beaches. It keeps you and the public safer. Get a credit on new equipment for your old gear.

414-760-1493 - or - 414-520-1493

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