Land based Snowkiting

The best spots for snow kiting right in Milwaukee County are the "County Grounds" and Veteran's Park.


The County Grounds has terrain, which make it way more interesting to ride.  The fields have been recently mowed, so there is a lot less to get your lines caught on.  Watch out for truck tire ditches and meltwater at the bottoms of the ravines.  Park in the County Parks headquarters building and walk out into the field to launch.  We share the park with the occasional dog walker, so be friendly.  

We have county parks director, Sue Black, to thank for this spot.  Her office is right there, so be cool and keep it uber safe.  Also, the Butterfly Lady is trying to keep this spot from being turned into a UWM building, so be cool with her too.  Although, you likely won't see her in the winter, her flyers may be up on the trees near the parking lot.


Veteran's Park

Just south of Bradford beach, this spot gets nice, consisent winds off the lake.  Any west wind can be awful there, so don't bother on a west.