Local Knowledge

What are the locals riding? What works around here?

I'm always testing new gear and never sell anything to customers of Adventure Bicycle & Kiteboarding L.L.C. that I haven't PERSONALLY tried. Here is the latest gear I've been using:

6m Ozone Catalyst 2012 kite

7m Ozone Edge 2014 kite

10m Nobile 50/Fifty 2013 kite

12m Ozone Chrono 2014 kite

MHL Lift Hydrofoil board

131cm Nobile 2HD board 2014

Airush Sector 60 V5 light wind board 2014

Around here, with the gusty, front driven winds, they work for me. Pewaukee lake is our only real west wind riding spot and as it is small, it often is very gusty. The hybrid/SLE kites work for me in the gusts. And of course, that is what I took lessons on, so that is what I stuck with.


What are you riding? Send me an email and it cold get posted!



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